Wheelchair Access Ramps Glasgow

2013-01-27 22.35.10Individuals and families in Glasgow who are dealing with the day to day issues of having a disability can find wheelchair access ramps to be incredibly beneficial. Without them, some daily tasks can become time consuming and quite difficult for example getting out to your garden or out of your home etc.

Wheelchair access ramps serve a useful purpose, with them making independent living more feasible and life much easier for people who are in a wheelchair.

Here at Dumbreck Trades, we specialise in wheelchair access ramps and have done so for a number of years now. We’ve gained an excellent reputation in the time that we’ve been building ramps for families and individuals in Glasgow, this reputation is a result of our meticulous attention to detail when undertaking jobs, ensuring that all disabled ramp installations are safe for use.

With our competitive prices and our exceptional workmanship, you can expect to receive a ramp that offers great value for money.

Our team are able to make wheelchair access ramps to suit your exact needs, with us making the ramp from either decking, concrete or metal framed ramps that have wooden or metal handrails. A member of our team will happily discuss your requirements and give you a free quote before we get started.

To arrange for a member of our team to come out to your home in Glasgow to give you a free quote, simply give us a call 07709 045 793.