Summerhouses Glasgow

summerhouse 22Looking for a Summer House, a Garden Office or even a custom built Garden Room?

We regularly build Garden Offices and Summer Houses in Gardens at properties all over Glasgow. In recent years people have wanted their very own custom built Summer House rather than a flat pack one you can get at the usual stores.

This is a great option as you have the chance to make sure that your Summer House is built to the exact size you need it to be. Using only the best materials available this option will allow you to build the summer house that you can use all year round.

We have recently finished a project on the Southside of Glasgow where the client wanted a Log Cabin style shed in his Garden. Having checked out what was available to buy in the likes of B&Q etc he wanted something a little different.

We were asked to go to the property to provide a quote for the exact measurements the client wanted. It was a 5 x 4 space which had some garden decking in place.

We were asked to take away the Garden Decking and put up a 5 x 4 Summer House with a Patio Door, the summer house was to have 6 sockets and power installed so that the client was able to have a television and power into the Summer House.

There was also insulation, plastering and flooring installed in the summer house.

We have taken photos from start to finish of this summer house being built in Glasgow, it took approx 4 weeks from start to finish, it was built in Feb 2016 and we had days where the weather held up some of the work. But typically a Summer House in Glasgow with the type of spec below would take between 3 and 4 weeks to complete.

So if you are looking for a Summerhouse, Mancave or a Garden office get in touch for a free no obligation quote.