Summer Houses Glasgow

Summer housesĀ are the perfect addition to your home and garden. It is a
completely versatile space that has multiple uses, which could enrich your daily
life. At Dumbreck Trades, we provide beautiful summer houses across Glasgow,
which can also be custom built to suit your needs.

With the glorious sunshine that Scotland has had this summer, more and more
people are looking to invest in a summer house so that they can fully take
advantage of the weather. Not to be underestimated, a summer house does not
only serve as a bit of extra space for your home, but it also hosts a number of
different uses.
Having trouble with your kids over the summer holidays? A summer house is the
perfect solution as it offers your children their own space to play. The kids can
help to design their own space where they can feel comfortable and independent,
giving you the opportunity to have a little time out. The space can even be used
to create a games room, where your children can bring their friends, or you can
enjoy it as a family.
Or perhaps you are feeling cooped up in your office and need a change of scenery
in order to get the creative juices flowing? Away from the hustle and bustle of
office life, a summer house provides a place of peace and quiet, whilst giving you
access to natural light in a tranquil surrounding. And we cannot forget the staple British BBQ during these summer months. A summer house provides valuable space to store any BBQ equipment or outdoor furniture, which can be enjoyed with friends in the sunshine. Even in the winter months, a summer house can be used as a unique setting to host parties at your property in Glasgow.
At Dumbreck Trade, you can even custom build your very own summer house to
exactly how you would like it. With top quality materials, we can help you design
and build your own summer house that is sustainable all year long. To see an
example of a custom built summer house that our team recently created, you can
check outĀ our website.
With over 15 years of invaluable experience, our tradesmen at Dumbreck Trades
are committed to providing you with the best results, quickly and efficiently. We
can offer you a free no obligation estimate on our summer house services, along
with any other trade services that we provide. If you require any more
information, please contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you.