Summer Houses Crookston

Summer houses have many different benefits and homeowners in Crookston are starting to see this. Here at Dumbreck Trades we can create a space for you to go to and unwind.

Our team specialise in installing these amazing summer houses and can build your summer house completely to you specifications. Our team will firstly chat to you about what you would like and how you would like your summer house to look, then we get on to planning straight away to ensure you get exactly what you want and ask for.

Your summer house can be used for many things like, a games room for you children to play in safely, a home gym with all the lovely views of your garden, a garden office as this will be a peaceful area for you to work from without distractions or just a place to relax and unwind in. Summer houses can also help in the long run if you’re selling your home as many people in Crookston would see a summer house as a great selling point. So, with very many different uses a summer house is the perfect addition to your garden.

Our team are able to do everything for your summer house from planning to setting up the electrics. We can install your flooring, install patio doors, fix all of the electrics as well as build your summer house. If you are looking for exciting garden furniture then Lakeland Furniture is a company that may interest you. Based in Shaw they provide loads of different garden decor for your home.

Homeowners around Crookston are finding these summer houses extremely useful and all highly recommend us to their friends and family. We take great pride in our reputation for our work and also for our customer service skills.

For your very own summer house in Crookston please contact us. You can call us on 07709045793 or email us at